Delaney Hall

This is the Demesne of Thomas Delaney

There was turmoil in the Dreamlands, but that was not unusual. It spawned Monsters and Romances and Poetry, but that – in the soul of Thomas Delaney – was also not unusual.

Most of the monsters lurked in the Wyldwood. Death and the Wild Hunt rode among the trees and – perhaps by choice – did not approach the Manor House known as Delaney Hall.

Delaney Hall was a dark, four-storey affair. Its gardens were bordered by high  fences of wrought iron, supported by  granite columns. Arcane symbols were incised into every column and provided safe haven for lichens and moss – perhaps this even provided some occult protection .

The house was in perfect condition, but the gardens were slightly overgrown and neglected. At least…neglected by humans. There were signs of the Wyld, but it was not so dreadful here. It was a shadow of the Wyldwood, a kinder and gentler incarnation, but still due the proper respect.

The arched entrance was blocked by a single wrought iron gate. This was locked, but that was irrelevant in Thomas’ dreams. There was no need for a key; only invited guests could enter. The rusty hinges shrieked when the gate was opened

A gravel path went up to the house, past an ornamental pond with koi carp (some black, some silver) and led to a large oak door that opened into a foyer with a cold stone floor and domed arched ceiling



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